If you get stuck listing your “stuff” check this help section out.

If you are good to go then skip this section but important to know that your photos must be under 1 mb each

Title: This is the heading for your ad and should describe exactly what you are selling IE VW Beetle

Description: This is everything you know about the product i.e. what it does, colour, age, condition, extras, any information that the buyer would be interested in to sell the product.

Location: This is the general area in which you live not your address

E Mail: Your email address where the buyer can contact you via email.

Zip Code: The postal area code where you live

Web Site: If you have a web site related to the product you are selling you can copy the URL into this field

Phone: Can be your cell phone or landline number on which the buyer can contact you

Images: You may upload up to 4 images which must be under 1mb each in size or 1000 pixels each wide. If your images are too big the system will simply not upload the image without advising you. Confused see below.

How do I know what size my photo is? On your computer right click on the image and select properties from the drop down menu. A new window will appear in which the size of the image will be shown. If this number is represented in kb (kilobytes) then the image in under the required 1mb limit. If it has mb on the end then it is too big.

Ways I can ensure my photos are the right size? The easiest way to produce a photo the right size is to take a picture of the item you want to sell using What’s App on your cell phone. What’s App automatically reduces the image size. You will find the photo you have taken in your gallery. If you are placing the ad from your phone simply go to upload images and select the image from your phones gallery. If you are using a computer, to get this image to your computer you can email it to yourself from your phone and then save it to your computer. You can then upload them to St Francis Ads.

If you do not have What’s App, another way is to use your cell phone camera, but in the camera settings change the image size to a lower resolution. This will produce a photo that is under 1 mb which you can then mail to yourself and save to your computer.

Another option is that if you are working on your computer you can click on this link This is a simple online image optimiser which reduces the size of your photos. You can drag and drop your photos to the window or choose to select the photo off your computer or phone. It will upload your image and once automatically processed you can download the reduced size image. It is very simple to use.

Still lost then phone 084 846 8468 for help.

Video URL: Your item you are selling may be demonstrated or reviewed on U Tube and this may help to sell your product and give the buyer more in depth information on the item. You can copy and paste the URL into this field and it will appear within you ad.

Your Price: Self-explanatory. Enter the price you want for the item you are selling. Be sure to check that you have entered the correct price. You do not need to put R in front of your numbers the system will do that for you i.e. punch in 1000. If it has cents then place the stop in the correct place i.e. 1000.52

Finally:  Tick Agree to Terms & Conditions. Tick “Captcha” at the end of terms and conditions section.

Then click “Place Listing” and you are done. You will receive an e mail to tell you your ad is queued for approval and once approved (within a maximum  48hs) another e mail to tell you it is live and posted and can be viewed on the site.

Good Luck with selling your product  and thank you for using St Francis Ads.


No limit on private individuals placing ads for items to sell.

Businesses restricted to 2 ads per week (suggest link to you web site for further exposure)

Clubs, charities, notices, events maximum 2 per week.

Please note we do not allow consecutive multiple listings of the same item as a marketing tactic.

We reserve the right to remove any ad not compliant with our terms and conditions